Join NeverEndingStories’ Scarlet Read-Along!

Hey guys!
I am setting up our annual read-along for the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer starting January 1-25, 2014!!! As you guys know-I heart this series and it’s greatness so much!!!! I have had the pleasure of hosting this last year and it was so much fun meeting new friends, recapping or favorite quotes, and making funny blog posts that might have involved cats????!!!
This year we will do all that stuff and more and we also have a bigger and better giveaway!!  
Macmillian will be providing the books and Swag this year because they are AWESOME…. DUH!!
The read-along will be the same as last year but I will run down the schedule with you. 
  • Starting: January 1, we will read 2 chapters of Scarlet (or Cinder if you haven’t read it yet!) by Marissa Meyer each day and discuss via your blog each day(not an entire post each day maybe just talk about what you read that day and your thoughts) or via twitter! If you tweet or talk about Cinder on your blog that will get you more entries into this awesome Giveaway!!!
  • PrizesWe have some awesome prizes for our participants! Macmillian will be Giving-away: 5 winners will get Cinder, 5 other winners will get Scarlet, 5 other winners get Cress, and another 5 winners will get swag bags!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  Pace: There are no right or wrong ways to read with us. If you would like to do two chapters a night, that’s great! If you would like to read Cinder in one night and post on your blog or tweet and discuss as we go, more power to you!! If you have not read Cinder you are allowed to read Cinder, tweet, and collect points as well. Beware of spoilers since this read-along is for the second book in the series!
    1. Please Leave yourName,Blog URL,&Twitter  in the comment box below to sign up! If you could spread the word and copy this post you can get more points in the rafflecopter below(You get ten points for signing up to read with us). Once you leave your comment in the comment box below enter in the rafflecopter for your points!) .
  1. Start reading and posting on your blog and twitter on January 1, 2014! You can chat about the book and post your favorite quotes from Cinder (If you haven’t read it yet) or Scarlet!
  2. Tweets: Your tweets must include :  @marissa_meyer @mackidsbooks . You can enter all your tweets into the raffle copter below for more entries to win! If you dont have a twitter, you can blog about Cinder everyday and put your links for the posts in the rafflecopter below for more entries as well!
  3. Be Creative: For bonus points you can do a fun post about the Lunar Chronicles and if you need any ideas; here are a few:
 –Make a Lunar Chronicles playlist 
-Fan Art!!!
 – Make a movie/Book trailer for Cress.
-Make a fun post about the lunar chronicles.
–  Lunar Chronicle Cast!– Be Creative  Put together clothes, purses,tea or anything that makes you think of the Lunar Chronicles.
-Make a Pinterest board filled with pictures reminiscent of the Lunar Chronicles.


Here is the Schedule:
1/1- Read to Chapter 2
1/2- Read to Chapter 4
1/3- Read to Chapter 6
1/4- Read to Chapter 8
1/5- Read to Chapter 10
1/6- Read to Chapter 12
1/7- Read to Chapter 14
1/8- Read to Chapter 16
1/9- Read to Chapter 18
1/10- Read to Chapter 20
1/11- Read to Chapter 22
1/12- Read to Chapter 24
1/13- Read to Chapter 26
1/14- Read to Chapter 28
1/15- Read to Chapter 30
1/16- Read to Chapter 32
1/17- Read to Chapter 34
1/18- Read to Chapter 35
1/19- Read to Chapter 36
1/20- Read to Chapter 37
1/21- Read to Chapter 38
1/22- Read to Chapter 39
1/23- Read to Chapter 40
1/24- Read to Chapter 41
1/25- Read to Chapter 42
1/26-Done (Last day to tweet)
1/27-Winner’sAnnounced on Twitter/Blog


5 winners will get Cinder, 5 other winners will get Scarlet, 5 other winners get Cress, and another 5 winners will get swag bags!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 winners in one Giveaway!!?? Wow!!
Their are more chances to win:
Spread the word: copy and paste this post on your blog and put your links in the rafflecopter below!”

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